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Now is your chance to learn how to dowse - handmade! Dowsing is an ancient method of finding things from water and electricity to buried treasure and lost objects. Paranormal investigators have started using dowsing rods as a part of their equipment used to communicate with spirits.You will receive one pair of BRASS dowsing rods. Handles are solid brass tubing and tips have safety caps.


Rods measure 13" x 5" and come with a helpful instruction sheet.


These are available for bulk (wholesale) purchase. Please select Bulk Tier Pricing for correct price range. Then select quantity.


Doodlebags are not eligible for bulk purchase.


Bulk Orders - Specialty Handled Rods (Brass and Silver Skull)


    Made of brass, protective tips at ends, one pair, with solid brass handles. 

    A minimum of (10) rods is required to be eligible for bulk pricing. If quantity selected does not fall into the correct Bulk Tier Pricing, we will contact you before shipping to provide correct invoice total.

    Doodlebags are not eligible for bulk purchase.


    Contact us for questions or concerns about your product. If not fully satisfied, we will refund your money less shipping.


    This pricing includes shipping via Priority Mail. Please note that you would be responsible for tax if you are located in Florida. Each pair is packaged in a 2ml clear open plastic bag with an accompanying instruction sheet. 

    Please allow 5-7 days to process bulk orders depending on amount ordered. Contact us via our website if you have questions on shipping time.

    NOTE: Due to COVID 19, shipping times may be extended per the US Postal Service

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