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To celebrate Dinosaur Day, little Annie wakes up to start her day planning a dinosaur themed party for her friends. Concerned that she and her mom won't be able to finish in time, Annie's toy dinosaurs spring to life while Annie and her mom are out shopping in order to help get the house ready for the party. This story highlights specific details about each type of dinosaur along with phonetic pronunciations of the names for easy reading. A fun and educating start for kids to get interested in science


  • About the Author

    Though spending much of her life in the corporate world, Nikki has had a passion for dinosaurs from the very first visit to the National History Museum in Washington, DC. Seeing very few females interested in paleontology, she wants to encourage young girls to explore science fields.


    Proceeds from your purchase will be going to a STEM charity that is geared to encouraging young girls to go into the sciences!


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